Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tired already?

Today I've been so tired, and the real work's not even begun yet. I sent the cats off to my parents this afternoon. Before that took place it was a rushed stressed morning. There was last minute kennel cleaning, buying things like collars, tags, kennel stickers + towels, and then the fun part of getting the cats to the Cargo terminal by myself. I sort of enjoyed that part though. My shoulders ache from the filled kennel lugging and from being stressed out about if they made the flight or not. Bad time management on my part set us back quite a bit. But I can't imagine if I would have been forced to transport the cats and try to wrangle the girl as well. My parents called while I was getting her to bed to let me know they were able to take temporary possession of the cats without problems. Then when I came down to my computer after she was asleep there was a full 'intel report' about their first impressions of the new old temporary abode. What a Blessing it is to have people willing to watch our first children for us for an unknown length of time every occasion we've moved!

I've been documenting our last few days here on the Island with Black and White film. I have one roll to develop from a couple days ago, plus the probably trashed roll, and another half shot roll currently properly loaded in the camera. Yes, I made certain to visually see that the film got properly latched on. B+W film isn't cheap to begin with, and the processing is harder to find than color and it really isn't wise to get so excited about shooting that the loading protocol get tossed out the window! After the current roll is shot I have a roll of 1600 ISO to shoot and then I will be switching to color, basically for ease of development since I can't do my own yet. And as much as it drives me nutty not having the instant gratification of shooting digital I'm really getting fed up with the shutter lag on my CyberShot. It is painfully obvious now that I've played around with the DSLRs and my 35mm again.

That's all for now. I really want to try to get to bed earlier tonight. Big cleaning day ahead tomorrow! Thanks for stopping by!

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