Wednesday, January 14, 2009

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12:46 AM 1/11/2009
Well, I promised a blog a day and even though the clock has already turned itself ahead, I haven't. So, it looks like two blogs in one day but in theory isn't.

Today I will discuss my essential beauty items. I'm basically a low maintenance type of girl with my products. But there are a few gems out there in the beauty world that I feel deserve recognition. So here are a couple of them, more to come later!

Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat- This topcoat has saved the life of my manicures. I was so close to never painting my nails again as long as I lived because I'd always wake up to sheet marks! Not any more with my beloved Seche! This top coat applies a little differently. You glop on a nice big drop and sort of smooth it around on the nail and let it glide over the color to apply. Wait just a few minutes and BOOM! Shiny and smooth as glass manicure that is hard as rocks. When ever my bottle gets to half I get into panic mode and must get a new one to have on hand. I've never done that with a product before.

Urban Decay Primer Potion- One thing which always used to ruin my day would be when I'd spend a good twenty minutes getting my eye make up /just right/ then look in the mirror a quick two hours later and see it faded and smudged. The UDPP makes the fading and smudging a thing of the past. Pat this pale beige creamy base onto where you'll be applying your eye makeup and your hard work isn't budging! (Well at least from the environmental causes. If you are going to smash your fists into your eyes when you rub at them, then all bets are off.)

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Annie said...

I am a fan of Urban Decay Primer Potion too! Seriously, this stuff ROCKS. My eye makeup stays fresh all day long, and it doesn't fade or crease. LOVES IT.