Saturday, January 24, 2009

The good with the bad

It has been an emotional whirlwind sort of day. The morning started off with the best attempt at laid-back plans. I was to get the girl and I up and fed and dressed, then pack up the cooler and head down to a park in Waikiki for a casual meet up with my friends before we move out. After a couple hours at the park we'd come home and I would clean the cat kennels and place the fresh towels in them for their trip tomorrow. Then dinner would be cooked and I'd take some time on the computer and after dinner, the usual bed time routine for the kid and geeking out for me.

The picnic got off to a very late start. I missed one of my friends, another friend had a family emergency pop up, I didn't wind my roll of film correct and the winter winds have caused my allergies to go into overdrive. I haven't cleaned the kennels yet, don't know where their food dishes are for in the kennels, and don't know what the policies are for animals needing meds to go with them.

The happy things were that I did get to see people who I can never get enough of, the girl had a blast playing around outside, regardless of the film's development status I can be happy knowing that I was thinking about each shot and the composition of it, and I did get the roll back from my friend's son's birthday, with pretty good results.

The list of goods seems shorter than the list of bads but the goods are greater as a whole. I will be ending the day feeling satisfied. Especially when this crazy sneezing marathon stops! :p

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Tess said...

I'm sorry we missed...I'm feeling really horrible with this sinus infection. Been in bed all day. I'm glad you had a good time though!