Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I awoke from a somewhat strange dream this morning:
I was at a condo with a shared pool, exploring the place because I was just visiting. In the pool was a large black lab and it was using the body of a deceased woman like a play raft. She was wrapped in a white gauze cocoon and in the pale state of rigor mortis. I calmly went back inside to find my host. By the time we returned, which was not very long, the body had been removed and the yard was filled with people socializing. The dog was all dry and working the crowd for finger foods and ice from their cocktails. My host was puzzled and I insisted that I really did see the dog playing with a corpse.

Not sure what to make of that. It was pretty surreal. I'm glad that I jotted it down while eating breakfast with my girl or else I wouldnt' be able to recall most of it now.

As for dreams in the awakened state, I would love to develop and digitize my own film. I miss it. The whole process was enjoyable. I don't think it will be happening for quite a while if at all though. It is too cost prohibitive right now. If I were to go this route, I'd be sacrificing my DSLR for it. I'm not willing to do that right now.

Yes, I decided on a DSLR rather than a fancy point and shoot. It seems as though for the cost of a P+S to get the speed I'd need to capture kids playing, the price of the camera would be about the same as a DSLR. But with the P+S not being able to have interchangable lenses I would be limited in what I could capture.

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eD said...

with you moving so soon a death/rebirth dream seems like a pretty easy explination. only you can figure out the details tho.

I'm enjoying the blog as your tweets comming through my phone keep me up @ night, keep it up :)