Friday, January 9, 2009

I think I can...

Really, it's only 10 minutes. Yes, sleepiness is holding my hand and
nearly dragged me off but then I remembered resolutions and it's forlorn
expression at the thought of being cast aside.

And it happened again. Eyes closed and two moments seemed like an eternity.

This morning a wonderful rare event occurred: I rose from bed before my
girl! I peeked in on her sleeping little body a couple times and
couldn't take it any more so grabbed the camera and started clicking
away. The sleep of a child so often looks satisfying. She did get
awoken, but it was time for her to get up any way. I shared some of the
shots on my flickr page.

The lure of bed is getting far too strong, and it's been 10 minutes. A
quick cuddle with my cats then to dreamland. I may just skip taking off
the make up, I really am that tired tonight.

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