Monday, January 12, 2009

don't wanna.

Feeling rather uninspired tonight. It was another tiring day. What is it with me and those lately? Well I guess the whole day wasn't so bad. I took the Marshmallow Girl and I to Mass, and her behavior get me quite upset but looking back I'm not sure what set me off. Then we came home for a bit and met with my friend Ryan at the Base Gate to hand off some of our surplus food to his family. Then it was more hanging out at home. Marshmallow and I played and read together and I fooled on the computer and tried to get my Bluetooth devices to talk to each other. They finally did and then loading music onto my phone turned into a total pain. All the while in the back of my mind I wondered if my husband was ever going to surface from the tub. He was attempting to soak aches away. We went out to the front of the house for a bit and hung with the neighbors then broke for dinner. M had a melt down while the oven was warming because she was hungry so I made her corndogs in the microwave and whisked her to bed ASAP.

And there you have it. Time for me to turn my PC off.

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