Saturday, January 10, 2009

Color Me Curious

I've been on craving pale nail polish on my tips lately. With 'naked' toes. Not my usual fare. I tend to reach for dark 'vampy' colors or sometimes brights. And my toes are nearly always polished. Since this was puzzling, I read up on some 'Psychology of Color' web pages and am concluding that whites and pales are associated with purity, new beginnings, and neutrality. Now it makes sense- a new year, the upcoming move, and being in a clothing rut are all things going on right now and compatible with the color's psychology mindset.

Using my newfound knowledge on the psychology of color, I should pick a power color for my toes. Black, purple and red would be appropriate. There's a purple polish sitting on the upper level of my desk waiting to be 'loved on', and there's something to be said for the classic red tootsies, but black goes with everything unarguably. That decision will have to be for another night though, as well as repainting my tips.

We hosted a promotion party today for my husband and a couple other Airmaen from his unit who also got promoted. I did shopping for the party's food, chopped several pounds of chicken, assisted with setting things up and taking things down, and of course ensured our girl stayed safe (with the help of my husband). All that has got me worn out.

I'm hoping tomorrow will be refreshing and inspiring. I've been wanting to produce a really good piece of writing and everything on here just feels like mush.

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