Sunday, January 18, 2009

nothing to say, really. (1st "BLOG NAKED")

Dry spell. Haven't been abel to bring myslef to blog about the mundane every dya type stuff. It's the same old, same old, complete with typeos and senseless babblings. It would be funny, one day for every blogger to agree to jsut type and then post their blogs with no editing. Typos, mis-spellings, grammatacal errors and all. BLOG NAKED! Whee, that is what I'd call it! It could be the hottest new movement on the web since twitter and flickr (at least those were huge in my life). But I don't know... How many people would really do it? How many people think it would be worth it to do it? I certainly wouldn't hold a business blog to do it. But people who only do personal blogging like I do or maybe someone who does do personal blogging buyt some professional stuff on the side, I'd 'hold' to it. This wouldnt be a permanent thing. Just maybe a once a week tyoe thing. Just for fun and of course tellign people that you really do usually take the effort to edit the blog abnd show them that you are in fact an intelligent person. We all know that our fingers have a mind of their own sometimes. Something like this would help make spell checkers feel so mucgh more lvboed because after an autrocious entry like this you better believe that spell checmk is ever so muych more utilized. So we will see. I will probably think of a set date. Hopefully one with significance to launch the event. Like Secretaries Day? Or I guess that is "Administrative Assistant" these days. Got to love political correctness! Got to run, dinner's done!

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