Friday, January 23, 2009

Busy, Busy Busy

Quick post tonight. I am almost shocked at how busy the day was today. I was doing errands all over the place and snapped pictures in the progress. I got the idea to document our last few days here in earnest and I'm trying to get pictures of the people and places who made a big impact on our lives here. I know there will be MANY people not included in the images but they will be forever printed on my heart.

The cats had their health certificates done up tonight and vaccines updated. They fly out this Saturday to stay at my parents house while the husband, girl and I are in our Nomadic state. When we get settled in the new place all the cats need to have their teeth cleaned. Tai-Grr needs to have a completel blood panel done and his heart listened to again. Slight murmur was heard tonight. Roofus needs to have his blood work checked up on as well. I will need to start looking for a job to pay for the Vet bills.

And I'm off! Thanks for stopping by again!

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