Thursday, January 8, 2009

cloud gazing

It's always been a pleasure to gaze at the clouds. To pick out the layers of color at a sunset or between brewing storms, watch their motions, experience them taking a life of their own. A few minutes and at least one discernible form has been found. Tonight I got two really distinct ones. First was the human. It looked exactly like the hunchback of Notre Dame. Shortly after came the Brontosaurus, lumbering it's way into the sunset. Then I had to get to making dinner, and the sky got dark. The daily show was over.

One of the most memorable cloud gazing moments for me was a couple years ago. My husband and I were on the front porch bench during a power outage one night. Our girl had already gone to bed so we were just out there killing time and chatting. The moon was bright, even more so due to the lack of street lamps from the Air Force Base. Suddenly I saw clear as day, the female reproductive system up there in the sky. I'm telling you, it was the whole she-bang- ovaries, fallopian tubes, cervix... and right next to it was a Dragon. Who then proceeded to eat the system. I kid you not- the reproductive bits blurred away but the dragon remained. It was so strange! I'd never seen the clouds take such a complex distinct shape before! Even more odd to me was that the one form completely vanished but the other remained for a long few moments after.

Some believe that our dreams are messengers from beyond. I wonder if the clouds could be the same. Perhaps they are merely a psychedelic heaven bound art show set for our amusement, if we take the time to slow down and look. I hope you do take the time, and if you do already, take a couple moments more each time. There is so much that we often miss while scrambling about our busy day. Everybody needs more of this sort of relaxing, free fun in their life! It is amazing how much grounding can be attained by staring at the sky.

May you have peace and marbled skies...

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