Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Play that funky music, white girl!

It is a fun night of tunes blasting from my speakers. I checked out and am streaming songs from MySpace Music. I've always loved music and have one song (sometimes two clashing!) going through my head almost all the time. On tonight's play list have been Stabbing Westward, Creed, White Zombie (and Rob Zombie) and Tool. I also checked out Shonen Knife.

This pretending to be DJ thing is fun. I should look into further to see if it meets what I'm looking for: A site where I can save unlimited songs into a playlist so when some random song starts going through my head I can search for it and put it on my list. Then I could play immediately and save it for next time it creeps in. Sometimes the only way a song is forced out of my head is to hear it.

Right now I'm needing "Sober" by Tool.

When someone tells you the song going through their head, does it go into your head too? :)

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