Wednesday, October 30, 2013



Despite so many things that seem to be going wrong lately, I really do have a lot to be thankful for. It never ceases to amaze me how much of a difference focusing on the reasons to give thanks rather than griping makes.

This morning is a prime example. I awoke to discover that my Marshmallow had committed a couple offenses against our rules of the house. I could have gone off and yelled at her. I could have sent her to her room for the rest of the morning. I could have held a grudge and glared at her when ever we crossed paths.

Instead, I calmly talked with her about her wrongdoings and we made an effort together to turn the day around. She was awesome at helping! She unloaded the dishwasher all the way, almost completely by herself! We made macaroni and cheese with turkey bacon from scratch together for lunch. She helped with serving up breakfast for the cats.

So as I go about the rest of my afternoon, I shall make a concentrated effort to focus on the reasons to be thankful, and not let myself gripe. I may allow myself to comment in my head that the 2 hour wait at the pharmacy stinks but I will be thankful not only for the fact that we have this benefit, but that the BX is right next door and I can take that time to do some window shopping! I may gripe a moment that this computer of mine always leads to such procrastination, but I will be thankful that we have enough disposable income that we can own and operate these machines with internet and many other bells and whistles. And I could go on, but mainly, I'm curious to see how much brighter this day will get when I choose to give thanks instead of gripes.

How much brighter will your day get with a positive change in your state of mind?

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