Saturday, October 5, 2013


Money. I'm makin' some right now! I have taken on my biggest pet care job as of yet. This is so exciting! There are five Standard Poodles, three adults and two puppies in my care for the next three days. I haven't had this much fun or been this tired since my Marshmallow Girl (daughter) was tiny!

I officially launched my pet care business toward the end of August. I had been taking on jobs here and there but have decided I want to take the leap and make things more official with it so it can hopefully be a valid source of secondary income for my family. So I made up some cards at VistaPrint and set up a facebook page. There are a couple other steps to be taken and then we'll see what happens next!

I still want to be a barista again too, though! I loved pulling shots at the Barnes and Noble Cafe. When being a barista I thought it was pretty cool that I had a bartender like relationship with my customers, except I didn't have to deal with the worry of them getting a DUI! Even better though was educating the customers about the different drinks and coffee blends and seeing their faces light up when they tried the perfect drink! So I've sent out a couple applications and have had an interview which I'm waiting to hear the final word upon the status of my hiring.

Which ever jobs I take on in the near future, I will be thankful for the opportunities and give them my all! In the mean time I'll keep playing the following song in hopes that more will come our way. It's bass line is really fun to plunk out, too!

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