Saturday, October 19, 2013


My husband is the Hint Master. He drives me crazy with how clever his hints are! We went on a cruise together, as a surprise to me, before our daughter came along. He told me three single words plus that we needed our passports but he didn't tell me anything besides that minimal information to give me hints to where we were going! And he told me this information something like two months before we left, it was torture! The trip was a cruise aboard the now retired and scrapped SS Norway on Norwegian Cruise Lines and we went to the US Virgin Islands.

Another time he drove me absolutely batty was the Christmas scavenger hunt he did. There were 12 clues for the 12 days of Christmas. I had to find each of my presents based upon these clues which took me all over our house. I felt so loved that he took the time to think up all the hints, print them out, and hide all that stuff!

Christina mentioned on her blog about the hints of winter coming along. I am so thrilled to be having those hints becoming more and more frequent!

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