Thursday, October 3, 2013


I love this season, although I prefer to call it Autumn. My favorite things about it are:

The cooler temperatures and sometimes a chance of snow.
The yummy foods and drinks coming out of the wood work in abundance.
Going for long walks and deeply inhaling the scent of a wood fire.
Admiring the richness of the new fashion and cosmetics collections.
Having the best excuse to cuddle up with my cats, a blanket, and a hot drink.
Mulled wine and home made spiced cider.
Starting the mission of finding the perfect Christmas gifts.
The chances to spend extra time with family and friends.

And although there are many more things that make me feel a fondness for Fall, my list must end here, for I'm about to fall asleep!


Christina @ A God-blessed Life said...

I think one reason I love fall so much is because many of the things you included in your list, which I love as well, extend into wintertime as well- the scents, the cloths, the foods... warmth, comfort, and love. I feel all those things so much more acutely in the fall and winter. :)

carakitty said...

That's one thing I miss about living up in Alaska. There were all but a couple months where I could keep this lovely fall and wintery feeling :)