Thursday, October 3, 2013


It is supposed to be legitimately cold tomorrow:
Friday: Overcast with snow and rain in the morning, then mostly cloudy with a chance of snow and rain. High of 45F. Breezy. Winds from the NNW at 10 to 20 mph with gusts to 30 mph. Chance of snow 60%.
Friday Night: Partly cloudy in the evening, then clear. Low of 30F with a windchill as low as 21F. Winds from the NNW at 5 to 20 mph.  Weather Underground

Cold is so much more logical than heat. One can bundle up to infinity, but there are only so many layers that someone can take off!

I used to consider myself a stranger to true cold. Being raised in Southern California, 50 degrees once seemed like freezing to me. Then entered life as a Military Wife and a move up to Anchorage, Alaska. I was introduced to true cold, full force. My husband needed our car to get to his work, so I took the bus to school and my part time jobs. I learned many things on those bus rides.

There are different types of cold. Anchorage (and the Denver area) have dry cold. This type of cold is nice because the lack of humidity helps it feel not quite as cold. I remember visiting my brother Dave in San Francisco, where the cold is wet. When the fog rolled in, the temperature felt at least 10 degrees colder! But dry cold also sucks all the moisture out of you, as if it is feeding itself on your own reserves. I never once used moisturizer on my face until I moved to Anchorage, and have developed the habit of buying a lip balm almost every time I go to the store, it seems! Another drawback of dry cold is that it cuts through everything. Cold dry winds sting more. The leaves dry out quicker. Sometimes it feels like your own limbs will snap like a twig if you're out and not sufficiently layered up. Having said all that, in my opinion, there is almost nothing better than getting defrosted and cozy after being out in the cold for a while.

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