Tuesday, October 22, 2013


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I'm sitting here sleepily trying to remember if I've actually ever had just one pet during a period of time. I guess when I was in late high school Roofus had solo rule of the roost but my brother's saltwater fish tank might have still been up and running in the living room. Wait, I also remember having a Fire Bellied Newt at the time. I felt so clever for naming him Gingrich, after the Speaker of the House!

These days it is quite the menagerie around here! There's the three cats: Tai-Grr, Aurora, and Wooter
Left to Right: Wooter, Aurora (in front) and Tai-Grr
Our avian duo of Baby the Umbrella Cockatoo and...
Sprinkle the Goffins Cockatoo,
Macchiato the Hedgehog and...
Last but not least, a multitude of fishy friends! We have a salt water tank, freshwater tank, and we harvest our own food for them too!
Rah the Betta Splendens in center and Raspora Tetras to the left (freshwater fish)
The forever evolving saltwater tank with fish, invertebrates, live rock, and live corals.

It is a challenge to keep up with the feeding, cleaning up after, and loving on so many critters! I read somewhere not long ago that "Pets are God's way of making up for the bad days" and it couldn't be truer. When people question in one way or another why we have so many pets my answer pretty much boils down to that statement. Many scientific studies have been done proving that pets as stress relief is a valid and effective method too!

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