Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I Am Up For The Challenge! Are You?

A certain lovely lady I know, Christina, has come up with a great idea, all on her own, for a blogging challenge this month and I hope I will live up to this challenge. It sounds easy enough. Thirty one days, thirty one words. Surely I can handle that! ;) So, without further ado, my first word!

blogging: verb (used without object)
to maintain or add new entries to a blog.
I first started blogging way back in... 1999 if I recall correctly. It was over at Diaryland. Then due to technical issues with them I moved it over to my free page on Tripod, then my blogs moved to dragoneyes.net, the private domain of my man and I. We stopped using that as a web server but maintained it still for e-mail, so I hooked up here on blogger. 
I always have intentions to pick up a project which will "force" me to blog on a regular basis but almost always end up flaking out. A couple of my past projects have been a Photo A Day and MTB Monday. I'm sure there's other dusty little blog posts out there too but I was especially bummed that those two didn't get to live up to all I'd been hoping them to.
So, I guess I'll round this out by advising to start small(er). Take things a day at a time and play catch up if you need to but avoid gaping holes. And read Christina's blog on a regular basis too. She truly is  inspirational and I am Blessed to call her my friend!
See you tomorrow with another word! 

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Christina @ A God-blessed Life said...

I am so happy you are taking part in this challenge... The thing I love most about blogging is that we all have a voice, a message, and blogging lets us share that voice! And I am blessed to have your friendship as well! HUGS!