Thursday, October 24, 2013


"Idle hands make devil's work" but my hands have been far from idle today! First I made up some pumpkin cream cheese spread.
All mixed up!
I based it upon an apple butter cream cheese recipe from and did a whole lot of tweaking with it. This batch turned out OK. Next time, I am hoping to make it sweeter and more generous with the cloves. I just can't get enough of cloves!

Then I took one of my cats over to be weighed at the Vet's. I will spare her dignity and refrain from disclosing the details of what the scale said! Suffice to say, there will be a reduction in the quantity of menu offerings.

After that I had some time to spare before meeting my Marshmallow at the bus stop so I looked up a recipe for Chai Spice blend for making tea. I was all excited to grind it up, but I have no Cardamom Pods, or Turmeric. Time will tell if the spices get hunted down, or if I just buy the tea in bags.

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