Saturday, June 13, 2009

Wardrobe Weekend!

Here is a peek at what's to come with my Wardrobe Weekend...
That is a view into our disorganized walk in closet. I don't buy new clothes very often. Many of the outfits in there are as old as my High School days! I like my clothes to be comfortable bit also like for them to look nice. I thought I had a better shot of the black velvet dress previously mentioned but I guess it's still on my camera's memory stick. I want to show it to you soon!
On the shelf up there are some of my shoes. I also have two of those over the door shoe bags. My shoes are mostly black. Probably because I generally prefer black and black goes with so many other colors nicely. It doesn't look quite right against brown or navy in my opinion, unless under certain circumstances.

In other news, it was quite an exciting day! We had a visitor come to hang out by our fence for a while. It was pitching an attitude so J kept watch outside while I corralled the daughter inside, called animal control, and researched who it could be. I was relieved to learn that the 'little' guy wasn't really a threat to us but we are now on official watch due to the fact that this neighborhood is Bunny Buffet and there is a very large open space behind our housing area and between the Air Force Base. When the Animal Control officer was putting the visitor into a bucket it slipped out of the holding stick and J had to run to grab our show shovel and restrain the serpent! M + I were watching from the window and were quite impressed by the whole thing. I admit, I wish I could have helped with the snake wrangling too, but explaining things to M and keeping her safe really was more important to me.

The other interesting thing this evening was dinner. I made Pad Thai with Tofu in addition to saute'd chicken breast and Spicy Peanut Sauce. This all took me four hours to make! It was fun, true, but dang it has me worn out! There was lots more chopping and mixing involved than I'm used to not to mention the billions of bowls and dishes now in the sink. It's been a while since I made a meal from scratch like that. Even though it was hard work for me I think deep down everyone appreciated it. We don't have to worry about tons of preservatives or artificial ingredients that the pre-packaged foods often come with, the ingredients were fresher, and we have enough left over for lunch tomorrow! The only thing which went wrong was that I only had one can of coconut milk. I thought the can of Cream of Coconut would be able to be diluted but I opened it and emptied it into the blender for mixing and realized it didn't smell quite right. Better safe than sorry! So, the recipe wasn't done exactly as planned but it was still very good! Definitely will be a repeat on a day when I know there's several hours to play in the kitchen!

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