Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thinking Out Loud....

I have my Wordless Wednesday.

Lorry has her Wardrobe Wednesday.

I want to do both.

But how can I have a wordless Wednesday if I am sitting here gushing about some article of clothing?

Well, I say to myself, what about a Wardrobe Weekend? Brilliant!

Wednesdays shall remain wordless and now I have at least two days to put together the pictures and text for my clothing chatter.

I could have done a Threaded Thursday, but that will collide with my eventual plans for a Thoughtful Thursday. I have Christina to thank for the inspiration on that one.

Now I know that these themed blogs do not have to adhere to alliteration. But you see, that just makes it so much easier for a Swiss cheese brain like me to remember what it is I'm planning to do and when. Eventually I do hope to be a daily blogger and I have some themes for every day of the week jotted down, metaphorically speaking, in a text document.

Sleeping has not been of good quality for quite some time now so next week I'm heading over to have a sleep study done. It's an over night stay at a hospital type place and they stick wires and machines onto me to see what the heck is causing me to feel unrested. We suspect Sleep Apnea of some sort. My Dad has it. Mom said I snored when I was a baby even. I think baby snores are cute, but never realized snores are linked to problematic things. So, hopefully there will be some good answers gleaned from my night as a guinea pig. I hope I can bring my own pillow and one of my blankets. And that I don't have to sleep in an ikky hospital gown! I will be getting an informational mailing in a couple days will all the details.

The bookworm really bit me recently. Do worms actually have teeth? I really don't know! But, I must say, I've been going through the books at what is an amazing rate for me! I picked up "Outlander" by Diana Gabaldon and admittedly, had a bit of a sludge through the first half of the book but then it got much better and I was hooked! So I picked up "Dragonfly In Amber", the second book in the series when my husband was restocking on his series that he's working on and I also got "Twilight" by Stephanie Meyer. Got through DIA at a nice pace and thought it might be nice to finish my other new book before i continued with the Outlander series. This afternoon I was blinking in astonishment at the park because I'd finished Twilight in two days! I am glad I read it, it was a nice change of writing style from Outlander, but now I'm biting my nails in anticipation because I really want to know what is going to happen next!

That's why there was no Wordless Wednesday yesterday. I was so engrossed with my now traditional "Feed and Read" that I didn't realize there were no postings until I was half asleep in bed! The Feed and Read is: I feed the cats then read near by while they are eating their dinner. I hang out until they are all done eating, and then some. Nothing beats a good book in one hand and a cuddly cat in the other!

I'm looking forward to the Wardrobe weekend. Did lots of unpacking recently and discovered the clothing learned how to procreate in the moving boxes! I truly think that's what happened. I swear I didn't have that much clothing before!

Time for me to head out, will write soon, promise! =D

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