Monday, June 22, 2009

Musical Monday: U2 (still)

Still spinnin' the U2 CDs in my car and stuffing my Winamp playlist with tunes from those Dublin Lads. I've had a couple breaks over the week. Listened to the Cure a little bit over the weekend and played the George Winston (on piano) and Meryl Streep recording of The Velveteen Rabbit while the Marshmallow Girl and I were stuck in traffic.

It was a busy day. Shopping for lighting equipment to shoot my Aunt's quilts took up much of the time, and I am out of cash in my photo equipment budget for now but it looks like we will be able to showcase her work nicely. When finally home, I diced about 3 heads of Garlic. Some of it went onto our buttered salt + pepper sirloins for dinner but most of it is being doused with Olive Oil and stuck in the fridge for later.

Sorry for such a short blog tonight but I'm pooped. Feeling like a cat cuddle session is in order, then to bed with me!

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