Monday, June 15, 2009

Musical Monday: U2

As I'm writing, eight CDs of songs are on random play from a band that I've liked since third grade. My introduction to U2 was at Saint Catherine's Elementary School in Laguna Beach, CA. If I recall correctly the scenario was that once a week the teacher would allow a student to bring in music to play in the afternoon during art time. The Joshua Tree was brought in and I fell in love. I thought the guitar work was mesmerizing and the emotion behind the voice captivated me. Later I could appreciate the lyrical content more and would often sing along to their CDs as warm up before high school choir concerts. Over the years the band has also earned my respect. This band has been around for as long as I've been alive and they have stayed together and they still put out quality albums. Sorry to be cliche, but that just totally rocks! This shows me that they work hard and they must truly be like a band of brothers by now, as close to family as a bunch of people can get. While I may not always see eye to eye with Bono on his political views the fast that he gets off his butt and works to better the world is admirable in my opinion. Too many rock stars in this world dwindle their money away on empty excess. I think if you've got the extra money it is completely foolish to keep it to yourself.

I truly love this band. I don't have all their major releases, just eight CDs actually. I'd very much like to add Achtung Baby and Zooropa to my personal disc library especially. No Line On The Horizon is sounding really good too. I've been streaming it off and want to get that CD too. I don't know what else to say. Normally one would pick a favorite song or album but so many of U2's works are so intense and call to me in different ways that it's nearly impossible for me to pick out any right now. Perhaps for a future entry my favorites will be spotlighted. Too much good music, too little time!

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