Monday, June 8, 2009

Musical Monday

Hmm... Do I see a new tradition brewing here?

I just thought it would be fun for today to chat about music. It is always something that has been a part of me. I remember in preschool going out to my parents courtyard with the 'little' tape deck and singing ALL of the Annie musical at the top of my voice. I'd make up songs while I was playing. In school I played the piano, recorder, violin, saxophone, and electric bass over the years and have further developed my voice with high school and as an adult in Church choirs. I especially loved singing in church choirs because "singing is praying twice"!

Musical influence was present in my family. My uncle Mike plays the Banjo, my other brothers play guitar and electric bass from time to time and for my late brother David- if it had strings he could make the most beautiful tunes come out of it! His favorites were guitar family instruments like the electric guitar, ukulele, mandolin and lute. He also played Violin for a time.

Music keeps me going. These days it's singing along to CDs in the car with my girl, singing what ever pops in my my head during chores, or playing Rock Band (as bass or vocals) on the PS3. I know that no matter what sort of mood I'm in a can make it better or worse with some tunes, which is a mixed blessing!

Hopefully I will touch on this again next week. I would like to talk about one of my favorite bands, U2.

I might have to skip Wordless Wednesday again. I'm going to a sleep study center to have an evaluation. I hope the daytime will be mellow enough that I can squeeze in the post for you but knowing me the packing will be procrastinated. Thanks for stopping by and I hope to write again soon!

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