Friday, June 12, 2009

Foody Friday

This morning presented quite a quandary. All the food storage places in this house were starting to look a bit bare and lately 'burned out' is an understatement for how I feel about meal planning. I was not looking forward to the grocery trip because the fear of it being a huge one was rather daunting. I caught one of my cousins on AIM and asked her for suggestions which took me over to and soon after entering the site, the drooling began. I now have our meals planned out and shopped for to cover the entire weekend! The site has healthy, relatively quick + easy to prepare meals ideas in addition to nicely done videos and a couple neat feature spots. I like the Dinner Countdown Kitchen Timer. I can see this coming in handy for the perpetual procrastinators out there.

Tonight we had beef pot roast with baked red potatoes and mixed vegetable medley. Not shabby. Basic comfort style food. The husband was taken by surprise when all of a sudden I announced what the meal was and that is was ready when ever he wanted. That is one thing that will keep the Slow Cooker always nestled close in my heart. It's ability to do nearly all the work for me and have it ready when the family is!

I had planned on doing this meal yesterday but had gotten behind on the dishes and the crockery for the slow cooker needed scrubbing. So yesterday we had DiGiorno oven pizzas. We tried the Cheese Stuffed Crust Limited Edition with the taste of Garlic in Bacon, Sausage + Pepperoni and also the new Crispy Flatbread Pizza in Tuscan Style Chicken. The Cheese Stuffed Crust was a bigger hit. The garlic smelled really scrumptious while cooking.

Tomorrow I'm planning on Chicken Breast Medallions in Satay sauce with Pad Thai with Tofu and peas on the side. The Spice Hunter company has this great Thai Seasoning blend and on the jar label is a recipe for basic satay sauce. It's been a hit from the first time I made it. There is some apprehension present regarding the Pad Thai though. Rice noodles and I don't seem to get on very well. They don't like to get soft for me. I am going to try something different with preparing them to see if that helps. Shitake Mushrooms also evaded me at the grocery store so they shall have to be hunted down tomorrow. Asian food is one of my favorite cuisines so it's always pleasing when there's a meal I can make at home with success in that style.

On Sunday's dinner menu is Honey + Spice Glazed Pork with Garlic + Chive Mashed Potatoes and Buttered Asparagus spears. This recipe is a new one for us but reading about the honey, ginger, cinnamon, and cloves blending together got me drooling and we already have all of those in our house! So wish me luck on that. It looks easy enough so hopefully it will be a new item to add to our meal options.

One of my good friends, Lisa, of photography sent a post to twitter about the holy trinity of desserts. The sleuths at came up with confectionery paradise in their Cookie Cake Pie. It is what it is: a pie crust with a layer of cookie then a frosted cake layer on top of that. The possibilities of flavor combination on this good little devil are seemingly endless and I'm getting a toothache just thinking about it! After I brushed my teeth just out of respect the rest of the site was perused and oh! what wonderful sweetness abounded! Not only were the text descriptions of the various desserts and snacks mouth watering but the food photography was wonderful too. And the cute, whimsical hand done artwork on the rest of the site layout left me pining as well.

I've hit the culinary gold mine today because there's one more neat food thing I have to share with you. At the end of this month I will have the pleasure of house sitting for one of my friends who happens to be a suburban homesteader! As payment I may help myself to anything in her organically grown herb + vegetable garden and there is the promise of fresh eggs from her hens once they start laying!

See you at my Wardrobe Weekend post!

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