Monday, February 23, 2015

Sunday Night Recap: Root Beer Pulled Pork

After a snowy weekend filled with cuddling up on the couch wrapped up in my bathrobe and a blanket and binge watching Game of Thrones, I'm struggling to be productive this Monday. Miracles abound and the kitchen table has been almost completely decluttered and wiped down. Then it will be time to slay the dishes beast again and what ever else pops up.

The pork last night turned out really well. The Comfort of Cooking provided my recipe. My roast was 4 pounds so I used two cans of root beer, and I didn't measure out the barbeque sauce 'cause I like to live dangerously in that way. We used cornmeal dusted Kaiser Rolls and had the potato and deviled egg salad on the side.
Root Beer Pulled Pork with Potato and Deviled Egg Salad
Don't be alarmed if you see layout changed going on here. I've been getting a little bored with how things look around here and I want the blog to be a little more organized and prettier. While I'm working on things though, it's going to be bare and simple because the "just right" images haven't been found yet. This morning I spent about an hour going through old posts and labeling them for future changes. There are still many more archived posts which should be labeled too, but I shouldn't be spending too much more time with that today. Yesterday the blog template pages sucked me in for almost two hours but nothing really looked good!

Time to get bundled up, go outside, and shovel out my Pilot so I can buzz off to my appointment and then I need to stop by Target to get a new small notebook for my daily to do lists. The previous one has gone MIA and it's driving me crazy not having it.

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