Saturday, February 21, 2015

Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches

These home made Philly Cheese sandwiches were really, really good. At the market, we were debating on if we should have gotten more of the meat even though it wasn't a great deal and I thought we should have. I was right.

I looked up a recipe for making the sandwiches because it isn't something I usually make, and I stink when it comes to guessing how much seasoning to put in things. But I'm getting better at it! We used to get the Raybern's Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches almost every time I went to Costco but our local warehouse stopped carrying them. When I got that confirmed, I almost cried. But, as I was reading The Pioneer Woman's recipe the chuckles which ensued made up for that! I have about as much authority to make cheese steak sandwiches as Ree does but this still turned out really well. I also wish Ree was my adopted sister, or aunt or something. I am starting to really love her, as much as one can love a celebrity.

As usual, I didn't stick with the recipe very well. I never do. So there! I cooked the beef like regular with some butter in the pan. I wish it would have broken up easier but it still got eaten up just fine! It was only a pound's worth and we all were wishing there was two pounds of it. We're not huge on peppers and onions here so I only sliced up half of a small red pepper, and half of a small red onion. I sauteed those with butter and garlic. My man had light onion and peppers on his but I decided to kind of pile mine on, as seen below. The kiddo had no veggies on hers. We don't do Velveeta type cheese stuff here so I improvised and melted some cream cheese with milk, and seasoned it with a ground red and black pepper blend. It wasn't as gooey and melty as I was hoping it would be but it still tasted OK. The rolls were toasted in a sauce pan on the stove top with guess what? More butter!

We didn't have a side dish with it. I kind of counted the peppers as a veggie and the sandwiches are pretty hearty. Next time I might do some sort of salad or something else, good and greasy like tater tots or home made fries.

And here's the yumminess. Definitely a repeat, hands down all around the table. Next time there will be more meat, and more tweaking with the cheese sauce. Maybe more garlic. And if more butter sneaks in too, I won't call my kitchen bouncer to lay the smack down.
Home made Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches, open-faced for the money shot.

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