Friday, August 14, 2009

Foody Friday- Sausage, Rice, Snickerdoodles

I decided to do the sausage and rice skillet dinner again tonight. We first had it a month ago and it went over well with everyone. Some of the ingredients were missing tonight so I improvised and it turned out so well that I've been craving it all evening! Pats on the back please? Read on to see what I did.

I started some white rice cooking then took smoked sausage, sliced it, and browned it. Drained the grease off and used the beefy broth from our dinner last night. (That was water, stew beef, carrots and red potatoes in the crock pot with A-1 Thick + Hearty sauce dumped in because none of the Beef Stew seasoning packets could be found.) Added parsley, onion powder, and finely chopped fresh garlic (Thank you Clea, it was scrumptious!). When the rice was done I tossed that in with the sausage and other stuff. Let everything cook together for a few minutes then steamed up some peas and buttered them, served on the side. SO satisfying and yummy! The flavors are lingering a really long time!

After my girl was asleep I made a batch of cinnamon-sugar cookies. I placed them too close together on the sheet so they had that mutant look. I told my husband I did it on purpose because if they're stuck together like that then it means he can't take just one. Hehehe =)

I will try to come back again tonight to tell you about the adventures of the first half-week of Kindergarten. To sum things up: we survived but not all of her hair did!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Friday, August 7, 2009


Last night I had something pretty odd happen. I got up in the middle of the night and I think I was sleep walking because I got all disoriented while using the bathroom (that is what I ended up doing any way). I didn't know which doors upstairs lead to where and the house didn't feel like it was the right size. Not much else to say about it, because I don't remember any more details. It was a partially wakened state, and I was able to fall back asleep right away after I found my bed again. I can still remember it happening, but it's striking me as so not like me and it's a bit disturbing. Hopefully it was just an odd one time thing but still wishing we knew what caused it.

we-ell, it's about time! :p

So the entries here have been MIA. Because daytime blogging hasn't been an easy thing to do since I was gestating My Girl I will just do a quick blow by blow of my whirlwind SoCal trip to see family at my Mom + Dad's house, with the hope that I will be able to provide something of higher quality one of these near future nights.

Thurs 30 July- The girl + I flew Denver to Los Angeles wit ha stopover in Phoenix, then my Dad drove us to Mission Viejo to their house. We just hung out for the rest of the afternoon and evening and I got caught up with my brother D on the recent going ons in his life over a couple beers in the back yard.

Friday 31 July- My Dad and I took my girl to Lake Mission Viejo for a couple hours followed by more hanging out at the house and welcoming the arrival of my brother, sister, nieces, and a nephew. Alos got a pedicure which has held up amazingly well despite all the abuse it's gotten.

Saturday 1 August- The day was spent at the beach off the Califia exit along the 5 Freeway. That evening there was a big ol' family BBQ in my parents backyard. I was drinking a bottomless Margarita on the rocks compliments of my younger older brother's girlfriend and spent the evening lounging by the fire pit while sipping and chatting. The kids spent the night in tents in the back yard.

Sunday 2 August- In honor of David, we did a flower tossing memorial get together at his resting place, Doheney Beach Park. His ashes were scattered there on his birthday, 4 August, last year. After that we played around on the beach for a while and came back to my parents house.

Monday 3 August- The whole crew went over to Sea World then about half of us went on to a BBQ get together on Mission Bay with some of the Gibbs family members we'd lived 'close' to for a long time but never knew existed. That was pretty cool.

Tuesday 4 August- David's Birthday. Went to Mass in the morning with my Mom and Dad. Shortly after we drove out to my Cousin M's house in Canyon Lake. My Girl + I said our hellos and made arrangements to meet up with the Thompson's in Riverside. Went school clothes shopping for the kids and had dinner with them then drove back with a sleeping munchkin.

Wednesday 5 August- Still at the lake house. Tons of swimming. Was hoping to go for a boat ride and maybe get up on water skis again but the boat broke. Stopped for pizza and arcade games on the way back to MV.

Thursday 6 August- Had a somewhat early morning start for the drive up to LAX for a non stop flight to Denver.

I borrowed my Mom + Dad's Canon Elph to take pictures and have the images copied onto my laptop. That is a fun little camera! Also have a few pictures on my phone. I have some of them uploaded to my flickr and facebook already but there's lots more to come! I hope to go through them better and make mass copies tonight.

Well now it's back to the day to day 'grind'. Earlier this afternoon we bought school supplies met with M's Kindergarten teacher, now M + I are off to the Commissary to restock the foodstuffs. I don't wanna. I was a dolt and over packed my laptop bag now my upper body aches like crazy. Tonight I may see if I can get the bath hot enough and have a soak.

Ta Ta For Now