Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wardrobe Wednesday

Two blogs in one night again! Feel a little funny about speaking on what is supposed to be Wordless Wednesday, but it's for a good cause. My friend Lorry is having a contest at her blog ( and I love when my friends do fun stuff like this and I participate when ever I can.

So, here's my Wardrobe Wednesday. A first, and I'd like to do it regularly but don't want to give up the picture posting. I'll figure something out.

I have a most favorite dress in the whole world. I tried to take a good picture of it a couple days ago but failed miserably. If I can manage a better shot of it I will post it ASAP.

I saw it in San Francisco while visiting my brother David in 1995. We were browsing the shops around Haight-Ashbury and I absolutely fell in love with the dress. It is black crushed velvet, scoop neck, long sleeves, tea length, princess seamed down the front. Amazingly enough, the dress doesn't get as hot as I first feared it would. The crush is now gone from the many years of loving it, but it still fits almost as perfect as it did so long ago and still makes me feel positively wonderful every time I slip it over my head. It's gotten me several compliments. It can be accessorized to Goth-Goddess mode or sophisticated symphony goer. I think I even wore it to a Military Dinner while pregnant! This favorite dress of mine is now old and getting stretched out but still fits almost exactly like it did brand new. Yes, the hem is a bit uneven now, but you might walk a little lopsided if you had an altercation with an airport escalator!

Lorry, I think you still have my email address don't you? I can be contacted through that. And, um I'm realizing I'm an idiot and didn't see the rule about the FIRST comment counting for the contest and my blog link isn't in that post.... Fly by the seat of my pants time!

Wordless Wednesday (sixth)

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Planning Ahead

The one year anniversary of my brother David's passing is coming up quicker then we all are expecting it to. I don't know what i"m going to do, mentally speaking. It will be Independence Day, and I believe my cousin and her husband will be hosting something at their place. My daughter's 5th birthday will be two days after that. Hopefully those will provide welcome distraction. I don't want this to be a sad time. I am not sure where I am in my grieving process, and want to talk to people close to me about it but always seem to close up and not be able to think about how to bring up the topic of conversation. I want to know if they have any plans in mind for getting through what might be a rough patch. I wonder about what they will do to remember David, and if they will be doing anything on his passing day or birthday. A major jam session in Rock Band accompanied by Hawaiian Punch (the red kind) or Jaegermeister would be a fitting thing. A beach trip would be good too.

Things are coming along nicely with the house. We've got drapes hung in the bedroom and the decorative rods fro the valances but the valances we picked up don't match with the drapes so probably tomorrow I'll go to JCPenney's and return them with a store credit.

The downstairs guest bathroom is looking quite welcoming. We have a beige and purple butterfly and flower motif in the decorations. There's pictures of it in my flickr. I must warn about the strange color cast, the flash on my 35mm camera is broken so there is a bit of a martian effect. I'm hoping to catch some Memorial Day sales and get the towel set and shower certain on the cheap.

I have made good progress with boxes lately too. Unpacked the two boxes in our Master Bath. Hit a mother lode of my old makeup. I spent a couple hours pawing through all that. Got rid of old some nasty stuff and have hopes that a couple of my old favorite lip glosses will still be around, or at least have good duplicates to replace them.

In the front entry room there were eight boxes along one of the walls filled with packing paper crumbles so I lugged those down to the basement. The big empty wall over there keeps calling my name. I don't know what we are going to do with it. A bookshelf and small table perhaps?

The house is shaping up nicely. So many more things to do, but at least we know this place is OURS. the work we do with this house is more satisfying because it's for us to enjoy over the long term. It is such a wonderful feeling.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Roo is here!

Roo is here!
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He is safe and sound. We are all delighted to have him back. Marshmallow Girl has been good about letting him rest and she had a splendid time sharing her bed time stories with him.

Tonight I've spent quite a bit of time just -being- with him, and giving him gentle snuggles and sweet whispers. I wonder how much 'cat time' is going to cut into 'computer time' LOL.

Nothing much else to say. I'm planning to write again on Monday night with what ever news there is from the Vet. Stay tuned...

Friday, May 1, 2009

feria downtown brown

feria downtown brown
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I've never lightened my hair before but I want to give it a try! I think all the henna's washed out by now so it should be safe. Probably will get a better picture soon, too lazy to get the camera bag out of the Pilot in the garage. This weekend was the intended time frame for the lightening, but J's been needing my help and Roofus is flying in tomorrow! I love playing with cosmetics, but would much rather cuddle my cat! More on him in just a few moments...

So please, if you can tell anything from this picture, what do you think? Is it too much of a jump down? My brows are nearly black, and this color is a cool, light brown. The formula is made especially for brunettes and black hair but I admit, I'm still nervous about it!

Happiness Is...

Happiness is having reservations for your first baby to fly back and be reunited with you!

My cat, Roofus, will be arriving at Denver Airport around 2:45 on Saturday (tomorrow)! Don't know if I mentioned it but all our cats have been staying with my parents while we've been moving from one house to another. I have missed my fur babies so much and have been especially worried about old Roo. He's been sick and frail for quite a while now. He turned 17 years old on the 23rd of April. He has Hyperthyroidism, a possible mild heart murmur, and is chronically dehydrated and borderline anemic.

We've finally got enough boxes cleared out that the 'cat room' was able to be set up. So earlier this week my parents took Roo in for a look-over by their vet to ensure that he was healthy enough to fly out here and when the OK was given I was on the phone, pronto, to make his travel arrangements! He is flying as live cargo on United Airlines, the same carrier that took him from HI to CA (my parents area) this past January. In the past we've used Delta. We've been happy with both air lines so far, but I recently came across some bad word of mouth regarding the way Delta has handled the pets in their care and United has slightly lower prices so we may be sticking with them.

I absolutely can not wait to have my first baby in my arms again! I am nervous about things though. He is hanging in there quite well but I know he's old and sick and who really knows how much more time he has left? We have been noticing that he hasn't been keeping on weight even with an extra meal and modification of his medicine dosage. So on Monday we have an appointment to see Dr Douglas Santen at Alameda East Veterinary Hospital. He is one of the Internal Medicine specialists with an interest in endocrinology, renal disease, and especially feline medicine. Dr Santen will have an abdominal ultrasound run on Roo and the medical records from the times he was seen in CA have hopefully been faxed over including a recent complete lab work on his blood and urine. We shall see what the expert prognosis is. I have been hoping for the best and preparing for the worst for quite some time now. Seriously, it feels like almost every Vet visit is a roller coaster but we've always had very good Vets.

So, even though Roofus's flight lands around 2:45, apparently it will take TWO HOURS for him to be unloaded and transported to the freight facility. What the heck, are they intentionally trying to make me feel tortured?! So, anticipating my baby not being in my arms until 5pm what the heck am I going to do tomorrow to keep my sanity? I guess we should have food, the water fountain, and a litter box set up for him. So, on the books is a trip to the pet supply store. The humans need food too, so that means a trip to the grocery store. Depending on what time we get dressed at and how cooperative the girl is being, that actually could take up a good part of the day =)

I've done enough playing around for the night. I will update soon about how things are going with Roo's homecoming!