Monday, September 22, 2014

Day Dreaming

The Mr. and I are going to make our escape from suburbia up to the mountains some day. Last night and today I've been looking at for sale listings online and pondering what life will be like up there. I am planning for us to have hopefully at least one full acre of land to ourselves. I want to start an herb garden again, and grow some veggies too. Keeping some chickens would be nice because they are so zen and fresh eggs are the best! And speaking of critters I think we'd build a little Pet Hotel on the property too so that I can have it for my CT Pet Care. I want all wood and tile floors, a functional properly placed wood burning fire place, a finished basement, and a reasonably landscaped yard. I can't wait to get out of this suburban zombie ville! I probably will apply for jobs up there. But I think I will take a couple months off, at least. Spend some time baking and homesteading and plain old settling in. Really looking forward to moving. Hopefully this will be a reality in no more than two years.