Saturday, March 29, 2014

News... I guess.

Well, well. What's been going on?

I've been having a pretty good time at "The 'Bux". I've been rotating around somewhat evenly on the various positions, except for the bar. The shift supervisors never seem to put me on drink making duty. I really wish I knew why, and that it would change. I'm mostly on the front register marking cups and pastry bags and ringing up the lobby customers, along with the various other duties like cleaning up after my messy but lovable baristas and making sure the Pike Place is delectable. Once in a while I"ll "man" the drive through. I like taking the orders better than being at the window. My hips are at just the right height to constantly be banging up against the window sill and the register drawers over there are about to fall apart, making them wobbly and hard to close. All in all though, I love my times wearing the Green Apron and it's been nice to be able to help the green beans learn their stuff. I love most of my customers and the income of tips isn't too shabby either.

We haven't been out prospecting for gold much lately. It's been interesting to watch Gold Rush, and I'm wondering about some stuff. I think they ended the season somewhat abruptly. I wasn't thrilled with the last episode. I wonder what the Hoffman crew is going to do next? I'm really glad Grandpa Schnabel got to see Parker's wonderful hauls from his old ground. I'll be looking around for some Gold Rush fan blogs and checking out the twitter and facebook pages for the miners to keep up to date with them

We now own guns. So far we have a shotgun (Mossberg 930 SPX) and a pistol (Glock G20 Gen4). We invested in the firearms to have as "insurance" against big critters and crazy humans for when we go prospecting deep in the wilderness once the weather is nice enough. But, I've discovered that I really like target shooting! I am researching which make and model and caliber will be best for me but I'm really leaning toward a Glock. We have a couple firing ranges close by and I'm going to get my hands on as many rentals as I can before investing in my own gun.

Well, just felt like checking in. Hopefully I can come back to this post tonight after work and add in links to Gold Rush stuff, the gun models, and pictures of my first targets. As my Precious likes to say, "Deuces, yo!"