Monday, February 3, 2014

Ramblings, anyone?

Hello there!

I've got lots of Caffe Verona in me, and so far this Monday is turning out to be Blessed in many ways and productive. Marshmallow Girl had to be driven to school, therefore I got dressed. So I seized the opportunity to stop by work and take care of some financial stuff. Originally I was just going to put that off until this afternoon and go in early and then clock in to my shift. I need to speak to my manager about something too and she wasn't in the shop yet so I will still be going in early but now if I don't catch her at least I've taken care of that other stuff.

I feel called to blog more, but flounder about for concrete things to write about. So many topics, so little time! And so many distractions!

I came across an old book a while ago as I was digging through old moving boxes looking for something else. I've dusted off "Blogging Tips: What bloggers won't tell you about blogging" by Lorelle Van Fossen and have frequent nudges to be more disciplined about blogging more often. Lorelle encourages "Blog your passion!" and that is why, I think, I've had so much trouble blogging consistently. There are so many things I'm passionate about, it seems. She also gives lots of tips about planning your blog. I'm not really a planner. Are you shocked to read that?

I'm not really certain if blogging is a thing for me. Why did I even start this blog in the first place? Who is reading my blog? What do they want to read about? If I were to connect with other bloggers would this blogging thing be easier? Do people accept blogging as a hobby now, or is it mainly do it for the money?

Time for me to stop pondering and picking at my chronically chapped lip. There are critters to feed (including me!), grocery shops to plan, loads of laundry to do, and work to get ready for. Hopefully this post goes through. It looks like blogger is having technical difficulties with the auto-save and that may be spilling over to the publishing side as well.

Please, readers, give feed back! What do you want to see here? Why do you come by and read?