Thursday, February 19, 2015

Sort Of Midwestern USA?

Tonight's dinner was inspired by the Midwestern USA. I baked the chicken with dabs of butter on top and sprinkled spices on top: sage, dill, parsley, and mustard. Couldn't really taste the mustard very well and am thinking that BBQ sauce on the chicken might have been better but it seemed too heavy for the wild rice side I made. The grains didn't cook long enough but they were tasty with the chopped Craisins and oregano. We also had corn with butter and black pepper.
Wild Rice with Craisins and Oregano, Buttery Baked Chicken with Herbs, and Black Pepper Buttered Corn
While using the mini food processor to chop the Craisins (because after chopping a little bit by hand I realized that would take forEVER) I decided I need to get another Handy Chopper, like what Pampered Chef sells. The mini food processor is indeed great for things like salsas and sauces (yum, fresh pesto!) but those blades are just too high up to do any good with the tiny things like Craisins or garlic cloves.

And I just gotta say, goodness my back has been achy all day! If I breathe in too deep, there's sharp pains. About halfway through my short shift today, some muscle relaxers or a couple good strong cocktails sounded like a really good idea. So I think I'm going up to soak in the tub for a bit.

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