Friday, March 20, 2009

Finally, something blog worthy!

Moving into a house has turned out to be a longer process than I anticipated. Despite growing up with a Dad who was a Realtor and Landlord, the many things that can go wrong with a house completely passed me by! At the initial inspection it was discovered that the winterization process was done incorrectly, and the pipes were leaking all over the place! People were sent in to fix it, and they didn't do it correctly the first time but they did the second time. The major appliances in the kitchen need to be repaired or replaced. There is a washer and dryer set already in the garage, and if those don't work it's not so big of a deal because we have our own. The garage door is a total wreck. It looks like someone backed into it. The door has a large dent on the outside and completely lost the tension spring. It is being held shut by a rope tied to the banister on the three stairs leading up to the house! With all these relatively little problems popping up it's been beginning to feel like we'd be destined to live in these hotel suites forever! =p

But today my wonderful, dear husband made some well placed calls and things are about to get moving, literally!

The garage door will be finished being fixed or replaced on next Tuesday. The final inspection is due for Wednesday. After the inspector has signed off that the fix was to his liking (which he will do no later than 30 Mar), the house can close by all parties' standards.

Bottom line, the house should be ready for us to move into in a little over two weeks! Oh, I was so elated to hear the news! My girl and I were at a park with our play group when DH texted me the updates. I honestly was beaming and squealing. =)

It's late, and we're moving to a different hotel tomorrow so I should head off and get some rest.

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