Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Yin and Yang, all in stride...

Well for as wonderful of a day that yesterday was in my book, today has been the polar opposite.

Yesterday: M + I rode the bus over to an awesome coffee shop, Perk and Play, that morning. DH called me on my cell to tell me of an appointment with a car dealer. I asked him if he could pick us up because taking the bus would take too long and we would miss the appointment. So he picked us up, and we dealt directly with the owner of the place. He hooked us up with a Credit Union who gave us a better rate than what we were getting with USAA. Spent the afternoon getting the new account set up and M + I wandered around the dealership. She and I had fun looking at all the cars. Her favorite was a red convertible. Good taste my girl has ;)

Turns out, we were able to leave the lot with our 'new' car! It is a 2005 Honda Pilot EX-L. Steel Blue. Fully loaded. About the only things this SUV doesn't have are a built in GPS and DVD player for back seat passengers. It is beautiful and it is also now my primary vehicle! DH will use the Kia to commute to work.

Today: Woke up OK. Was up for around 10 minutes when DH informed me that our Kia's battery was dead again. No Honda for me which meant no play group like I was planning on for the Marshmallow Girl. He told me that he'd use it to take care of the mandatory stuff and try to have it available for me to use for the afternoon at least. So I called our new medical clinic in effort to make appointments for M + I later that day. Turns out their systems crashed and all the record filling that DH did last week was lost.

DH comes 'home' from his morning business and we try to get the Kia's battery going with the Honda. In the process of that, we both lock our keys in the Kia. We only have the key for the Honda in our hands at the moment. My purse is locked in there with my cell phone too. So I have nothing on me basically. DH got us up to our room and we have a call in to USAA for assistance. They rock. They will try to squeeze into the Kia and get the doors open, and if the battery doesn't hold charge we are having the Kia towed to a service station. Man, I hope the Kia isn't dying on us. I really hope just getting the battery replaced will make all right with it's world again.

Well, in the time it took me to write this blog, (much longer than the time it takes to read it!) USAA Contractors (or who ever) came out and got the Kia open and running. DH will take it to a service station to be fixed up hopefully for good. Well, I know it will need more work in the long run but you get my drift?

That's all for now! Crossing my fingers the afternoon will be better than this morning...

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