Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Proud Speaking Moment

We've been working with Marsha for months now on how to say 'bath' correctly, in addition to the other 'th' words. She always says 'baff' instead, partly due to her puppy obsession I fear. She does this thing where she bounces and says 'BAFF! BAFF!' followed by an open mouth, tongue out pseudo panting thing. So yesterday she was asking to take a 'baff' and I told her if she wanted a 'BATH' that she would have to say it correctly. And she did! I almost couldn't believe my ears! I praised her heavily with hugs and kisses too, and started running the water which promptly made her clear the room.

Interesting coincidence that the car dealer, Jason and I were talking about speech patterns of little girls on Monday. He has 5 year old twins. He was demonstrating how his girls' speech therapist would stick her tongue out really far past her teeth for the proper annunciation. Marsha was watching and smiling, I guess that made an impression on her. Maybe she thought that nobody else really talked like that and Mama and Daddy were just freaks?

When Jason got back from work Marsha was still in the tub so I had him come in the bathroom and I had her demonstrate her new found skill to him. He was helping me think of other 'th' words, one of them being 'teeth' which Marsha still said as 'teef' much to our dismay. Oh well I say, she has made a step in the right direction and we are so very proud of her for that!

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