Sunday, February 14, 2010

Thorns and Crystal Balls

Recently I had a "light bulb moment" regarding why I view my computer as such a thorn in my side, especially when doing homework is concerned. I believe it is because, my computer is viewed as a toy rather than a tool. I've spent so many years primarily gaming and web browsing that when I sit down at my desk, I have the idea of fun so deeply engraved in my brain that it's quite difficult to switch gears and write a paper. The only application which can be running is the word processor or else something will pull my thoughts away. Changing how I view my computer is something to be molded over these next couple years. I also need to de-clutter my desk. But that tale of woe is for another night.

If you had a reliable, accurate, crystal ball what would you use it for? Right now I wish I had one to know how much longer our old cat Roofus will be with us. We are considering I-131 radiation, a rather pricey treatment, for him and it would be nice to know for sure if he'd live long enough to make the cost of the procedure "worth it". We can continue to treat his Hyperthyroidism (HT) with medication but we've spent as much on the meds so far that we would have spent on the treatment. The decision does not need to be made immediately. His meds are stabilizing his HT fairly well. It sure would be nice if we did get the I-131 done though. It would mean no more meds for him, far fewer trips to the Veterinarian, and his body could function normally again after so many years of being out of sorts.

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