Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I survived Christmas (among other things)

Wowza, where to start? I feel like so much has happened lately! I had a wonderful Christmas for the most part. My Mom, Dad, and two of my brothers and their families came out here to visit. Sis opted for the in-laws this year but maybe next year we will get to see her. Having so many people in town was a little bit crazy. Nobody lodged with us, I blame it on the cats! Many in my family are allergic so only short visits to my home. Because nobody stayed here I drove down to them many a time and now have the way to my cousin L's house nearly memorized! *cheers!* We did lots of Rock Band, playing in the snow, and eating. I was hoping my girl and I would get up the mountain for some skiing but the roads just would not cooperate. Oh well, there were plenty of local hilly parks to sled at and our front yard has made a wonderful snowball war zone on a couple occasions ;)

One of the highlights of the past few days has been my acquisition of a DSLR, at last! J got me a Canon Rebel XT! It was one of the models I borrowed from a friend last year so it was nice to jump right in and shoot up a storm. I got some pretty good sledding shots. Believe it or not but I think I might have had as much fun behind the camera as the ones on top of the sled! Now I'm shooting every day and re-training myself to think in SLR mode. It's taking some effort to go off the preset modes and remember how to use the f-stops and shutter speeds but I'm getting the hang of it. Slowly.

One of the presents from Mom was a huge basket of scrap booking stuff. There were some botanical theme things, a fall set, and a Halloween set, along with random letters and numbers. It looks like there are some loose pages for layouts But I think I will need to bind them together some how with hole punches and ribbon or invest in a pre-bound book. I think it will be fun to pick up this new hobby. I know I've got tons of pictures to print up for the pages. Here's to hoping I will actually finish a project some day!

Another highlight for me is actually part of J's present: We are setting up the aquariums again. We have had a 37 gallon and 10 gallon tank in storage for many years and I guess J decided it was a good time to get them up and running again. The 37 gallon will be in our front room and serve as the main tank. We need to buy a new stand before we can get that one set up though. Our current bedside tables were what held it up before. The 10 gallon will be housed in the entertainment center cabinet in the family room and it will serve as the 'green house' and 'quarantine' tank. We will have freshwater fish: a snail or two, a small school, and some random interesting ones too.

I am looking ahead to my birthday, four weeks away. A couple months ago I was thinking I'd ask for that tattoo I've been dreaming about for ages but now I'm not so intent on that. My flickr needs to be upgraded and I'd like a step down ring for on my Rebel's lens so some of my old filters can be used with it. I also want to go out for sushi! Those are the three main things that I really truly want (well that can be bought). I'm hoping I won't be swamped with school work and that J will be fortunate to have time off, or at least be on day shift.

That's all for now, I'm going to play with my camera some more and see if the cats will cooperate for some portraits before their dinner.

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