Wednesday, December 30, 2009

dreaming of dreams

I wish the technology was available to have a dream video recording device hooked up to our brains. I think the dream I had last night (or rather, super early this morning) was pretty cool but I can't remember it, so much. What I can tell you was this: It was in a space ship and there was a conflict which reminded me of Star Trek. A ship contacted us and took one of our important people hostage then we took one of their people hostage. Eventually there was discord and bloodshed in the ship itself, then shots were fired between the two ships. There was also a huge hospital involved but I don't know if it was on the ship. The same people from the ship were in the hospital as patients and workers but there was this large black wire coated dog walking around. How would a dog be able to be on a space ship? Or free roaming in a hospital area for that matter? Very odd and out of place indeed. Which is why I wish it were recorded. I could play it back and hopefully figure things out, or at the very least find they symbolism of it all.

Oh, how I would love to watch the dreams I've had about my brother David too.

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