Friday, July 10, 2009

tired babbling

I'm tired of being tired. I want to know what the clinic found out with my blood draw that was done last week. I've been a tiny bit less tired the past few days though- I've been going to bed almost always one hour earlier than I usually do and have started up with my multi-vit again. Now I think there's mild underlying stress contributing to the exhaustion. Between the house fixing-up, vet bills, and planning for me going back to school it looks like we will have no fun money at all in the near future. I'd 'love' to get a part time job to help out but we don't know if it will be worth it after taxes, and are thinking it would be wise to wait until our girl is settled into the kindergarten routine first. But then if I did get hired somewhere right off the bat I'd probably have to quit after a couple months any way because it would turn into a huge time crunch between M's school, my school, homework, commute times, etc. We sure could use the added money though. I know, these days who DOESN'T want more money? Perhaps there's something out there that I could do from home, on my own time like transcription work or something? It just seems like so many work from home things are MLMs or look sketchy in general. *sigh* and *yawn*

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