Friday, February 13, 2009

Yep, still alive ;)

Wow, it feels like eons since my last post! I was thinking that I'd take the opportunity to blog via email or my cell phone but life has been a whirlwind of colds, family visits, and car or airplane rides. Now we are a little more settled. We've arrived in Colorado, the 'new' home is almost officially ours, and we are semi-living in an extended stay suite until escrow on the house closes and the military ships our belongings to us. Our car has not been shipped yet so we are eating the cost of a rental for the time being.

The movers came on my Birthday, 27 Jan. I was hoping that I'd be able to 'sneak' out of the hotel room for one last get together with flickr friends but by the time we were done with the movers the meet up had already started, husband had a migraine, I was pooped and we still had to forage for dinner and get the girl to bed. So, I resigned myself to checking my contacts photostreams almost obsessively to see the fun I missed out on. Seems like they've been having a good turn out which makes me very happy for them. They are a wonderful bunch of folks and I will miss them dearly!

We arrived to Southern California haggard but happy. I had been feeling a cold coming on for a while. My voice had already completely disappeared and thank heaven for the extra adults around! I was able to crash on my parents couch and cat napped for what felt like three days straight! My daughter had a blast playing with Grandma and Grandpa. One of my brothers and nieces live with them too, and my nieces room was full of exploration possibilities. I loved being able to give my furbabies snuggles before I headed to bed and even feeding them and medicating Roofus was a joy. My Dad's coffee making skills have improved a tad, and I am happy for my Mom in that regard.

After a few days at my parents place, we borrowed one of their cars and drove a little ways north to visit my in-laws. We got a hotel up there but went over to their house every day and spent most of the days with them. Their house feels like a Zoo! They have several birds and a couple dogs, plus my Mother In Law's service dog. There is almost always skrawking, chirping, trilling, or the occasional barking to be heard and spoken over while at that house. It made me grin when my daughter started to help with the quieting of the avian. We will be inheriting an Umbrella Cockatoo after things are settled at the new house. I'm hoping for one of the Chihuahuas as well.

Yes, I'd love to have my own Zoo too! Of course acquiring more 'children' would likely make me put out resumes to Vet offices and Pet Stores to fund the needs of the kids, but mothering of any sort really does bring me much joy (most of the time).

The travel experience from CA to CO sucked for me. While running to catch our flight due to an ENTIRE flight crew butting ahead of us in the security line and adding 15 minutes which we didn't have in the first place to our wait, I tripped on my coat which was draped over my arms and fell on the hard as diamonds tile floor and banged up my knee. I was carrying my girl too, in effort to speed things up. I thank God that somehow I didn't crack her skull open, she just got startled. The only food I consumed that day was two small frosted cinnamon rolls, not even my usual coffee. By the time we were descending I had a splitting headache and threw up on a plane for my first time in 31 years of air travel. Props to my husband though- My man's got mad skillz with the seat pocket bag fetching and distribution!

Later that evening we headed over to my Aunt's house for a home cooked meal with her, my cousin, and her husband. It was just what we needed. We were all pretty tired from the day of travel but the meal cooked with love did my body and soul wonders! It was pot roast, mashed potatoes, mixed veggies, salad and rolls. YUMMY! They are all so excited to have us here, which is wonderful! They live about half an hour drive away from our future house which I think will be nice in so many ways.

Today we got to finally see the house in person. We totally love it! The basement is full size and we have such great plans for it! It looks like there are other Air Force families as the neighbors and the Realtor told us there were lots of kids in the area. The house is so close to being ours I can almost smell the fresh paint and Chem-Dry carpets!

Guess what we woke up to this morning?
SNOW! About one inch of it fell overnight and the high didn't get above freezing today so it's stuck around and it's looking like more's to come over the weekend. (sorry for the sideways picture) The girl had so much fun with it! We couldn't really stop to play because we had to meet with the Realtor and buy food to have at the hotel. She picked some up and got to catch snowflakes on her tongue though. She was so excited about it! I hope the enthusiasm will last, maybe I can develop her into a snow bunny and we can eventually go skiing together? My man's knees are thrashed so he wouldn't be able to join us. Boohoo.

Well, I'm all blogged out for the moment. Thanks for reading! I Hope to be writing more frequently again now.

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