Sunday, February 15, 2009

I want to shoot something!

Not in a homicidal way, I mean with my camera! I'm hoping I can 'sneak' out of the hotel room tomorrow while kiddo is watching TV with her daddy or something. To the quick passerby there's not much to shoot around here. It's an extended stay hotel with another one across the street and three story tall business buildings on the street as well.

But there's a whole new world of foliage to do macros on, a cute little diner a few minutes walk away, and maybe I could catch one of the squirrels. All I know is that I've been feeling tortured seeing my friends uploads onto flickr and the photoblog posts of other friends. It just hit me tonight really bad that I REALLY want to go out and do some photography! Even if it's only for half an hour.

We had dinner at my Aunt's again tonight. Just us three and her. One of my cousin's Golden Retrievers was visiting, as she does often, and she was such a lady! Camille is an older dog and greying on her muzzle. It made me very pleased that she didn't jump up on us or run around lots and bark. She has some Irish Setter in her, and her fur is longer and redder than the average Golden. I'd love to have a 'photoshoot' with her some day. What a pretty dog she is!

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