Monday, April 11, 2011

MTB Monday Premire!

As stated before, I'd really like to start blogging more frequently again. So here is my first (hopefully not only) installment of "MTB Monday". I am planning to record my ride stats and thoughts about each ride, then compile them and report to you each Monday. Hopefully I will be able to include pictures from each ride as well. When I have a whole week to recap, I don't know if there will be pictures from every single ride. Sometimes it's just too pretty cruising along to stop and shoot!

Straight Stats for today's ride:
Trip Distance: 13.47 miles
Trip Time: 1:18:38
Average Speed: 10.28 MPH
Maximum Speed: 23.72
Trip Climb: 681 feet
Maximum Altitude: 5390 feet
Route: Side Creek Park, Powerline Trail, Cherry Creek Spillway Trail, Wheel Park, Toll Gate Creek Trail, Buckley Street, Mississippi Avenue

What a positively beautiful day for a ride! Late this morining it was in the 60's and sunny. I set out on my two wheels not exactly sure where I'd end up or how far I'd go. Intentions were to attempt a test ride to my school but as suspected, I got detoured by the BMX track along the way :D SO I did a couple laps there and if I'd been by myself I probably would have continued on to the rest of the route to my school but there was a Dad there with his 5 and 3 year old kids letting the older one perfect his skills so I stopped to chat, snack, and watch as the 5 year old got better air then I've ever been able to get! I got in a couple more go-rounds with the track then a trio of fellows came to do a couple of jump-runs. I let them have the track to themselves and took a couple more runs after they headed out. I checked my time and realized I'd better head out if I wanted to get back in time to clean up, eat, and run a quick errand before getting my girl from her after school club. Good thing I did head out. I ended up getting a little lost on the paths back and had to alter my route. After a bit of riding through neighborhoods and not finding the path I needed, I sucked it up and took the main roads back home. Didn't have time for any food except for some healthy snack foods on the go but I did manage to shower and get my errand completely finished that I set out to do.

Here is a little view from when I first started on today's adventure...
Things are greening up nicely, and water is trickling down the rock beds.

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