Saturday, March 6, 2010

Good Thing It Wasn't A Bar Tab...
Today Marshmallow girl and I went to the public library for the first time since June. Guess how many books are living with us temporarily? Eleven. Yes, eleven. She chose six, I got five. My choices were focused on kids and cats. Hers was more of a mixed bag, but most of them have animals in them in one way or another. It was nice to get back to the library again. Taking M there is a bit of an adventure, she wants to take every book she sees home with her! I discuss options with her before leaving in hopes there will be a shred of order to the event but it always seems to end up that we aren't going over to the electronic card catalog and looking up a topic to choose books from. She wants to go straight into the shelves and pick out the pretty ones that are featured on the display racks, or random ones that are facing out deep inside the shelves. Now, I don't mind that so much, the variety is a good thing for both of us. It's just a little difficult to wrangle in my little Bibliophile when she's in the heat of the chase! It makes me smile though, her talent for words is amazing to me!

I Fought The Door And The Door Won
Before we left for the library, I had to run back into the house from the garage because I forgot my cell phone. So I dashed back inside and grabbed my phone and on my way back out my left middle finger tip got smashed in the door. I bit my lips together, held back the strings of cursing and got into the drivers seat and cried a little. After I regained control, M snapped out some remark about me taking up her library time. She thought I was faking it. I lost it. I feel bad about doing so, especially since the car seats probably blocked her view of the performance at the door. The pain was still very fresh and I yelled at her about how no, I really DID slam my finger in the door and it really DID hurt and she wouldn't like it if HER finger got slammed in a door and look, here's my swollen colorful finger to prove it. Then she started crying too.  So there we were, a couple bawling girls in the back seat of a car in the driveway. We had some cuddle time and I apologized for yelling and tried to explain how when people hurt really bad they don't always make good decisions. Half an hour after the garage door first opened we were on our way for some library love! Things went fine for most of the rest of the afternoon, but then I was with M in her room and playing pretend with her. We were on the floor and her knee decided my puffy finger would make a nice stepping cushion. The thing had just stopped throbbing a little while before that too. *sigh*

Rebel Milestone
Another noteworthy event happened today. The CF card in my Rebel finally filled up! All this time I've kept the old images on the card after copying to my hard drive. Don't ask why, that's just how it's happened. Ten weeks of photo fun. I'm sure if we were still in the Honolulu area it wouldn't have lasted half as long. Hello, Flickr Fridays anyone? ;) Speaking of, I hope to be able to add more photos to my stream soon.

My finger is giving me 'The Finger' so I better go.
Ta Ta For Now!

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