Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year? A Project 365?

Ringing in the new year was quiet here last night. Just me, the cats, and the computer were up until Midnight. I sang Auld Lang Syne at the magical hour, drank a couple Captain + Colas, and browsed around on the internet most of the night.

Earlier that evening we had a 'fun' time in the kitchen. I made potato soup in the crock pot earlier that day and brilliant me some how came to the decision to put the peelings from six Russet potatoes down the disposal in pretty much one go. The disposer couldn't hack it. A pipe cracked and the undersink area got flooded. The sink and dishwasher are out of commission until further notice. I see take out for dinners in the near future. I do have some pots and pans clean, but I won't in a couple days and  don't see how they can be cleaned effectively. What an adventurous way to bring in the new year, eh?

I am considering doing a project 365, now that I have a good camera that can load pictures on to my computer easily. I know I've been taking pictures every day since Christmas but I'm hesitant to start up a project like this with school in progress too. I suppose I will keep shooting and post here with a link to it if it does come to be. If I get my flickr pro renewed they will be posted onto there, if that doesn't happen then I will make a 365 blog.

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Lorry said...

They don't sing Auld Lang Syne here, so I hummed it quietly to myself as an homage to my Yankee-ness.

I'm going to try to P365 myself. I take tons of pictures but I'm not always good about spreading them out so there's at least one every day. Consequently I have 300 pictures of one five-minute span and then none for a week. ;) I'm hoping the P365 goal will help with that.