Saturday, October 10, 2009

tea time terrors, clothing catastrophies, negative experience with negatives

Holy Wow, that has got to be one of the longest blog titles in the history of blogging!

This evening after the kettle of water was set upon the stovetop to boil for my eighth cup of Chai tea, I completely forgot about it. With the burner on. I simultaniously realized that the water had been forgotton and smelled a slightly funky smell. Dashed into the kitchen and turned off the burner. Held the kettle under running water. After it cooled I put baking soda and vinegar to descale it. Man, what a moment of terror it was when that burning smell endered my nose! I hope that after a night of soaking my kettle will be back to normal, and that the cook top surface isn't FUBAR. Heating water in the microwave sure is a pain, and it seems to cool down lots faster too.

To clothing. Turns out that the majority of my cold weather layering items are dying like snails in a salt mine. Waistbands in long johns have deteriorated, lycra in tights has wasted away, not to mention the holes in just about everything. Often in the chillier weather pants are the item of choice but what about lovely long velvet dresses and black lace skirts? This pulling up the drawers thing is getting old and a bit embarrassing. I'll have to stake out the thrift stores or something. But with the weather being what it has been lately I don't forsee there being much avalible. Must try at least though

Now for the doozy... Walgreens is really on my hit list right now. Here's why:

I took one roll of color film to Walgreens for negs only development. It was supposed to be picked up the same day but they were having technical difficulties and I didn't get the call for pick up until two days later. I rushed in and picked up my negs and took them straight over to pick up my daughter from school. When I opened up the envelope that evening not only was the roll squished in there and starting to get bends in it, but they were the wrong negs! Instead of my fall foliage it was some people visiting downtown. I checked to see if Walgreens was still open and they were so I went down to take care of it.

Turns out the employee who helped me had given away my negs earlier that day. The lady who picked up my negatives seemed confused and said that it didn't look like those were her pictures but she couldn't be positive because she didn't take the pictures, her kids did. But she still got to take home my roll. Of course not only did the employee helping me not know how to pull up the proper info to contact the lady, but neither did the assistant manager. They took the wrong negs away from me and gave me a credit for the 2-something dollars for the negs development and told me they'd leave a note for the photo manager telling her what happened and that she would get back to me. That was two days ago and I haven't heard anything.

I was so excited about those images. There was a section of trees on one of the streets by my house where it was the perfect line up of all the colors of fall. There was also a beautiful section of many native plants. I think lots of the shots turned out well.

I'm trying to decide if I should go in myself to see if the mystery lady ever was contacted and if my real negs are back at the store, possibly demanding a free roll too. Most of me just wants to forget about the whole thing and never set foot into Walgreens again. What ever happened to employees checking those numbers at the end of the roll to make sure they match what is on the outside of the envelope? Its not that hard to do, people! And they had at least three chances to do it too! 1- when they were putting them in the envelope in the first place, 2- when the wrong lady came to pick them up, 3- when I came and got them. So what would you do?

Thank you for reading my monster of a post. Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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