Thursday, October 8, 2009

all sorts of stuff...

We got a weak little snow flurry just a little while ago. It made me realize that living in Anchorage AK completely spoiled me as far as the white stuff goes. This little flurry lasted for less than five minutes of actual snowfall. Then within in a hour the fine dusting completely melted! =( I miss the snow of Anchorage. My image from yesterday was taken in our back yard at Elmendorf AFB in November of 2001. The icicles were enchanting. Trudging through the huge drifts was invigorating. Banana Breves with a double espresso shot from Cafe Fonte in 5th Avenue Mall made the early rising and bus commuting to work totally worth it. I'm thankful for what we have now, don't get me wrong. And I'm telling myself that the snow will get better. This is only October after all!

I have a bone to pick with Walgreen's photo department. They gave my negatives to the wrong person! I was too busy to look in my envelope until two days after I picked it up and when I discovered it I went to the store right away. They gave a credit for the development of negs (that is all I had done) and the photo manager (or most experienced person) had already gone home for the night so they said that they would leave a detailed note for her and I shoudl have heard from her yesterday. But didn't. Am trying to resist the temptation to go down there and demand a new roll of film and then never set foot through their automatic doors again. But it's only around 10 am. And they were trying to reach the person who picked up my images. At least they gave me the impression that is what they were going to do. I hope they did. The pictures were of the amazing fall foliage colors we are getting now. And lots of the trees I shot have now completely changed color and some are dropping their leaves. After just one week. I won't be able to go back to the location and reshoot this stuff! It was amazing! I may have a small road trip in my future, but I can't put it off much longer.

A friend of mine gave my ears something new to be addicted to: Joe "introduced" me to MC Frontalot. He (the MC, not Joe) is considered to be the founding father of the musical genre known as "Nerdcore". It is a blend of hip-hop and rap with lyrics focused on the geeky side of things. I've never been one to really like hip-hop or rap. And I'm not very geeky myself. But I love my geeks and am loving Front's beats and rhymes.

Hope you enjoyed the linkage! Time for me to slap on some makeup and do a couple errands :p

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