Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Lovely Day

Sorry I haven't written in such a long time. Life has been pretty crazy but now I'm making the time to give the 'whats up' =)

First of all, the last two weeks of August my husband was out of town seeing his family down in SoCal. I am so glad that he got to spend good times with them and his Umbrella Cockatoo (Baby). It was only fair that he got to go down there without us because our girl and I had gone without him! ;) We are looking around at cages and are hoping to welcome Baby into our family here in Colorado Very Soon.

While he was gone the girl and I both got colds. I think mine was worse than hers. Thankfully she didn't miss any school. There was a period for me where I'd take her to school, feed the cats, then doze the rest of the day away until pick up time. It was starting to scare me. That was a lot of sleep time clocked. Eventually we both fully recovered. The medicine cabinet is stocked which is a comfort for when it strikes again.

The day that DH landed back here we got to take our new phones out of the wall (from initial charging) and start to play! It's not an iPhone, but it is a cool touch screen phone. The LG Touch is taking a little but of getting used to but over all there's lots of neat things I like about it. Possible blog review pending for this.

Today has been stellar. Took our girl to school. Went over to Bel Rea Institute later in the morning with the husband. We talked with the financial officer for a little bit, then with the admissions officer, gave her a check, and went on a campus tour. I am officially registered! My classes start in January 2010. Notifications of class schedules are being sent out in November. Wow.

Then we went to the hardware stores to get some supplies for the drains in our back yard we are doing. From there we had to go straight to the girl's school. We were there much earlier than we needed to be but I enjoyed the one on one chat time with my man.

As if that wasn't good enough, when we got home from picking up our girl from school I decided to peek out the front door and guess what arrived? My package from Sephora with some Urban Decay, pretty smelling new spritzer samples, and the DuWop Lip Venom from Twilight!

Hello? Could life get any better? Oh yes, it could. I'm sipping a delectable strawberry margarita!