Monday, September 28, 2009


Sorry the blog is being neglected. Just going through the day to day grind here. Stressing over not knowing if I'm going to have to cancel out on Bel Rea due to lack of child care options but putting my feelers out and hoping something fruitful will come about. Worrying over health issues family members are dealing with. For fun I have been scanning old photos and negatives because one of my cousins was kind enough to send us a scanner! We have been setting things up for the eventual arrival of Baby the Umbrella Cockatoo. And then just hanging out online, playing around at my favorite sites like flickr, facebook, blip, and my cats and mama forums.

On a Musical Monday theme I've been hooked on Sarah McLachlan for about a week. We have "Fumbling Toward Ecstasy" and "Surfacing". Her songs seem so drem-like and emotion filled. Before that, it was Nine Inch Nails and my Asleep By Dawn compilation CDs (I have the first and second ones released). What is it about the cold weather that makes me lean toward industrial, dark, music?

That's all for now. It felt good to actually write something. Maybe I shall babble again soon.


LuvinThisLife said...

I love Sarah Mclachlan!!! (Sp) I alternate between her and Celine Dion when I hit my girlie events! hehe Have you ever listened to Loreena Mckennit(sp)... LOVE her too!

As for daycare issues... I am there with you. Kiddo will be too old for the cdc on base due to homeschooling so I will have to find private care which of course is more expensive. sigh

carakitty said...

Thanks for the comment love!
Dropping you an email!