Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Zapatag Review- http://www.zapatag.com

Do you ever wish you could shout to the world about the jerk who just cut you off as you were politely trying to merge onto the freeway? Or send an alarm out to look for a convertible who thinks that downhill slolam racing at rush hour is the latest olympic sport? Maybe you just want to give public appreciation of the amazing paint job you saw on a car in the parking lot of the mall?

With Zapatag you can do all that complete with pictoral evidence, comments, and a marker on a map. You can make your Zaps to twitter via SMS on your phone, which I'd love to do but can't seem to commit the process of how to do it to my brain. There is also the option to post at the website directly, which is my main method of entering data.

How the site works is you go to Zapatag.com and after registering and being accepted you make your Zap by specifying the state, plate ID, and entering comments about vehicle, where it was, and any descriptive tags which you feel should be associated with the incident. Click the Zap It! button and you are taken to a page where you can add more details about the vehicle and it's driver including a photo if you have one.

The idea behind this site is quite clever. As one of the main drivers in my household I am finding it difficult to Zap everyone I want to. I don't know how I can safely Zap and drive at the same time. Perhaps I could start carrying around a little data recorder and speak the info while I'm driving, or have a notepad and pull over to jot down info. Once this site has more people using it, I think driving conditions on the roads could drastically improve. If people know for a fact someone is bound to publically call them out for their mistakes, they may pay more attention to what they are doing behind the wheel.

I encourage you to help make the roads a better place and report bad drivers!

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